SGP Revenue Mapping™

SGP’s proprietary process emphasizes the idea that accelerated growth occurs when value is apparent and the tools, methods, and personnel focused on revenue are optimized.


We start by listening. The SGP Revenue Mapping™ process establishes a comprehensive overview of five key areas that support business growth so we can identify your specific needs.

Value Proposition

We begin by investigating the key points of value your offering brings to the market. We analyze how your brand communicates that value, its position within the customer adoption lifecycle, and untapped markets that could be served.


We review in detail your current customer base with a focus on segmentation and persona development. Additionally, we work to understand target segments as you’ve defined them; those you serve and those you ignore.

Revenue Stream

Connected directly to the segment analysis, we map the first contact through customer contract, searching for additional opportunities within each client and across the market.

Key Partners

Strategic partnering is key to rapid and substantial growth. Often the most difficult area to develop, we help define the value created by current partnerships while searching for additional partnering opportunities.

Revenue Activities

We focus on revenue based activities ranging from marketing campaigns to sales engagements. This is a deep assessment of all revenue-driving processes: metrics, inbound and outbound activities, selling tactics, compensation, and training methods.


After assessing your business and the market environment, we make recommendations and provide support that will have the most immediate impact on revenue growth. Our recommendations are adjusted to your current needs and resources while also catering to long-term growth.

Online Presence

We ensure that your online presence clearly supports your value proposition to help simplify and strengthen communication with your customers across all digital channels. From content creation to influencer partnerships, your customers will become more engaged with you online brand.

Marketing Campaigns

A combination of your current marketing tools and new tactics will be leveraged to create persona-driven marketing campaigns both online and in the real world. From educational offerings to informational campaigns, your marketing presence will be attuned to your needs with revenue growth in mind.

Sales Processes

Our knowledge of both inbound and outbound sales helps us create strategies constructed for immediate revenue growth. Wherever you are from a revenue standpoint, our focus on messaging, metrics, and training will help you grow revenue and fine-tune your sales process. We can even provide sales personnel on an interim, long-term, or permanent basis.

Strategic Partnership

We will help you tap into the right networks and partnerships to expand the value of your business. We go beyond just simple distribution arrangements and work to find constructive opportunities that grow your offering in current and adjacent markets.


Revenue acceleration occurs when solid strategy meets effective delivery. Our experience has shown three stages in a startup’s development where we can best engage and help boost growth. Every company is different, and our growth plan is tailored to your market position, available resources, and short and long-term goals.

Targeted Growth

If resources are stretched or experience is limited, SGP can quickly provide the tools to kick-start your efforts. From social media strategy to lead generation and sales execution, we will establish sustainable revenue for you. Once accomplished, we can determine the best method for transitioning these processes to your internal team or continue to support them with our resources.

Baseline Growth

In some cases company resources are sufficient, but a clearer position and streamlined processes are needed to reach full potential. In these scenarios, SGP will engage as consultants. We will serve as trainers that can identify opportunities to improve revenue-driving functions of your business.

Market Growth

Some clients have solid revenue streams and consistent growth but do not have the resources to attack new markets, partnerships, or channels. In cooperation with leadership, SGP can create and execute plans that will expand your strategy to take on these initiatives.